James Nole, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

James Nole is a psychotherapist who works with individual adults, teens, and couples.  James specializes in trauma, grief and loss, and relationship issues.  James has a master's in psychology from Seattle University's Existential and Phenomenological Psychology program.  



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Meet JP

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After losing much of my eyesight due to a rare retinal condition—I found the healing power of therapy and counseling. Through this experience, I learned to grieve in my own way, and to sit with both ambiguity and uncertainty. Having experienced the profound benefit of therapeutic process, upon the ending of my own therapy, I returned to school to pursue a career in the helping professions. I found my way to Seattle University, where I attained a Master of Arts in Psychology in the Existential and Phenomenological Psychology program. Although my training is in the existential tradition, my orientation is one of the humanistic and psychodynamic traditions.

My work within the community has taken the form of volunteering on the King County Crisis Line, the Washington Warm Line, and at the Recovery Café. These volunteer experiences have been striking; I have gained enormous respect for working with individuals who are suffering and those living with oppression in marginalized communities. These positions have taught me more deeply the importance of empathic listening and compassionate resonance. All these skills proved essential at my internship at Catholic Community Services, where I honed my therapeutic skills and techniques, working with a diverse array of clients.

Each of us bears a unique stamp of existence that brings with it its own unique struggles. Each struggle is an inevitable and natural part of life that presents an opportunity for growth, new meaning and purpose, and self-discovery. Overcoming life’s challenges of grief, anxiety, and depression are realizable goals. Greater potential and a better future are attainable even in our most trying times.

The core of my approach is existential and relational psychodynamics and stems from my personal experience in learning to live with a disability. My therapeutic approach embraces both the dark and light aspects of life, while also letting go of that which we cannot control.

As a visually impaired/blind individual, I understand just how hard it can be to navigate life’s struggles and life’s emotional turmoils. And while we often feel alone in dealing with these struggles-- you don't have to go it alone. I invite you to reach out to me, as there is always hope.




Grief and loss

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